Sample lead data:
Basic Info
Day Phone
Evening Phone
Premium Data
Self Employed
Current Company
Current Premium
Wants Life and Health
12 months in country
High Blood Pressure
Recieving treatment
Heart Attack
Depression with meds
Other Major Illness
Rating Info
All children
Date of Birth
Tobacco Use
Height - Weight

How does LeadCo obtain their Leads?
Leadco uses Search engine optimization, ppc, advertising on self employed websites, search partners, and other strategic marketing to insure a quality prospect. Search Partners include:

Does LeadCo use gimmick promotions to generate leads?
NO! We do not use free giveaways or other deceiving practices to obtain prospects.

How does LeadCo deliver the lead prospect to the lead buyer?
Real Time via Email or http post to database

Are the LeadCo leads Shared or Exclusive?
Shared, the lead may be shared up to 5 times.

Are all Leads Self Employed health insurance prospects
No, we target the self employed with our strategic marketing however we have a great deal of non-self employed individuals and families that also request quotes.

Are the Healthy LeadCo Insurance leads filtered for health conditions?
Yes, pregnant, cancer, diabetis, stroke, heart conditions, HIV, bipolar, and if they are a decline for Height and Weight.

Are LeadCo Insurance leads filtered by age?
Yes, you only pay for propects age 24 to 63 since leads under age 24 are accepted back as credits.

Do you have a return policy for bogus leads?
Yes we have a wonderful credit system that allows you to return all bogus leads, wrong numbers, leads received outside your sales area, or for the Major Health conditions listed above.

How Do you pay for leads?
Simply register for leads and insert a credit card on file. The Initial charge is 159.99 which covers a one time 39.99 set up fee and places 120.00 in your account. The setup fee will be waived for initial deposits over 300.00. Call 877-532-3261 to request waived set up fee.

Does LeadCo require an Annual contract or committment?
NO! Cancel anytime. The one time setup fee of 39.99 buys you out of any contract. Or if you place a deposit of 300 or more at start up.

Does LeadCo offer volume discounts or special promos?
Healthy Health Insurance Leads
1 to 100 leads per month = 8.95
101 to 500 leads per month = 7.95
501 to 1000 leads per month = 7.45
1000 to 5000 leads per month = 6.95
5000 plus leads per month = 5.95

Impaired risk Health Insurance Leads
1 to 1000 leads per month = 3.00
1001 to 5000 leads per month = 2.75
5001 plus leads per month = 2.25

Can you set up how many LeadCo Leads you get each day by setting a daily maximum?
Yes, we have a complete Account Management tool that will allow you to dictate the flow.

Can you stop receiving Leads at any time?
Yes. Just login and click hold leads or call 877-532-3261, or do an eticket.

How Long does it take to begin receiving LeadCo leads once you sign up?
Leads are delivered in real time so there is no inventory, leads come in when someone from your area submits a quote request. So if you sign up today you could receive a lead in five minutes or then next day depending the flow for your area.

Ok Here is the fine print:
Sign up for an account today, and receive leads in real time via email and online lead portal where you will get access to upon sign up. You will be sent your user name and password and will immediately have access to view leads recieved, request credits, and manage your lead schedule. Thats right you can set hours, days for delivery or you can hold and restart leads on the fly. its leads your way.
We are continuosly adding new features and products. Cancel when you want to stay as long as you like. No chargebacks and no refunds, leads will be delivered until the lead credits balance in the account is depleted. Thanks for your time, God Bless.

November Special
Sign up today and get 50 cents a lead knocked off the lead price.